5 Pranks To Pull On Your Friends

Pranks To Pull On Your Friends

Are you always the butt of jokes in your group of friends? Time to get back at them! We’ll show you how. With these pranks which they won’t forget all their lives, rest assured, they won’t even think of victimizing you ever.

1. Set your friend up on a date from hell!

You might be having plenty of single friends out there. You will need the help of another friend to pull up this plan on someone. Simple send your target friend on a blind date with your partner in crime. Now this partner in crime can do all the things that a nightmare date would do to your friend. You can have the whole scene recorded so that you can watch and laugh later. This will probably be a prank that your friend will never be able to forget.

2. Put hair dye in their shampoo bottle

The title says it all. Add some hair dye into their shampoo bottle and wait outside. Choose a hair dye of some really weird color and be prepared to hear them scream, moments after they use the shampoo. This is a way-to-the-top kind of prank. So, try it only if you’re sure that your friend won’t get too angry later.

3. Replace their bottle of deodorant with spray paint

If you think the above one will be too hard for your friend to digest, this one is another option. Purchase a spray paint bottle that looks quite similar to the deodorant bottle they are using. You may even change the label in order to create confusion.

4. Fill their hair dryer with baby powder

Especially if your friend is too conscious about their looks, this prank will be more than perfect. Simply fill their blow dryer with lots and lots of baby powder. They will obviously freak out to see their hair turn grey as they use the dryer on their hair. I bet, they won’t touch that dryer again!

5. Use rubber lizards or snakes

Watch your bravest of friends jump around and freak out like total idiots. You can expect lots of curses coming your side after this. But what the hell, it is all worth it!

What is friendship without pranks? Teasing each other, pulling each other’s legs and throwing pranks on each other adds to the fun you have with friends. Have a wacky life!

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