5 Moisturizing Tips for Every Skin Type

5 Moisturizing Tips for Every Skin Type

Moisturizing your skin every day is the best way to keep it young. Depending on various factors including your skin type and age, choose moisturizers that work perfectly well on your skin. From dry to normal, oily to sensitive skin, moisturizer helps a lot to improve the skin texture and hide imperfections. Moisturizers help to retain water in the outermost skin layer preventing your skin from quick aging. Moisturizers that contain humectants and emollients works best for any skin type.

In general, the best skin care routine is washing your face with lukewarm water, cleansing it once or twice a day, using the appropriate moisturizer with sunscreen according to your skin type, or using sunscreen separately before stepping out in the sun. It is very important to use moisturizer as per your skin type. Check out 5 moisturizing tips for every skin type.

1. For oily skin

It’s a general feeling that people who have oily skin do not need moisturizer. But you are mistaken. As discussed earlier, every skin needs moisturizer. If you have an oily skin, remove the dirt and oils using skin care products and use a gentle moisturizer that is water-based and is anti-clogging. An oil-free moisturizer or serum can help you protect your skin better.

2. For dry skin

Moisturizer is an elixir for dry skin. Keeping skin moist is the must thing for people with dry skin. Oil-based moisturizer which has propylene glycol works best for treating dry skin. Check for moisturizers that have ingredients to keep your skin hydrated for long.

Shea butter or petroleum jelly based products also help in locking moisture. Natural oils like grape seed, olive oil and lanolin are great moisturizing components for severely dry skin. They stay in the skin for long and keep it moist.

3. For normal skin

Using a water-based moisturizer is best for normal skin. External factors like UV rays, pollution or stress can cause much damage to your skin. For those with normal skin, the best option is to use moisturizers with ingredients such as grapeseed, jojoba, or cetyl alcohol. For best results, apply moisturizing cream after bath.

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