5 Myths that Commitment Phobes Have About Marriage

5 Myths that Commitment Phobes Have About Marriage

Ever wondered what are those notions that make people scared of commitment? What is it that commitment phobes think would happen if they got married, and how can it be so terrible? Read on to explore some of the common myths that commitment phobes have about marriage.

1. Tell-it-all

Somehow, commitment phobes assume that marriage is some sort of institution where you have to reveal every single thing that you do in life. And if you don’t, that means calling for a fight and a lot of explanation and justification. Marriage is anything but that. It is about mutual trust and respect, with spouses respecting each others’ space.

2. Freeloading

Some commitment phobes assume that marriage means one partner working and the other just freeloading their effort. They take the stay-at-home homemaker to be someone who does nothing and just enjoys a good life. Reality, of course, is totally different. The kind of effort the stay-at-home partner does is equivalent, if not more than a real job.

3. Eternity-no matter what

Once they think about commitment, they assume that it is forever even if it is purgatory. The phobes think that if they go through with a marriage, they have to stick with it, come what may. They somehow tend to neglect the fact that so many divorces occur around them. So weird!

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