6 Places to See Wildflowers in the US

6 Places to See Wildflowers in the US

Bye, Bye winter. Come spring and there is the awesome blooming of wildflowers everywhere. The huge national forests and the vast grasslands in our country gives us endless opportunities and places to go see and enjoy wildflowers. They come in pinks, yellows, violets, reds and many more colors stretching into miles and making you very happy just looking at them.

1. Mount Rainier , Washington

This region gets a lot of snow and it could be one reason why there is such a spectacular blooming of wild flowers. The wildflowers are one more reason to visit this already picturesque state. Late July and early August is the best time to visit this place and get a glimpse of the wild flowers. Don’t miss easily accessible spots such as paradise meadows and sunrise.

2. Carrizo Plain National Monument

Largely a barren grassland that remains dry most of the year, there is a complete transformation come January. In January, the whole place changes color, with wildflower blooms everywhere in this huge tract of land measuring 10 miles long by 50 miles wide.

3. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Even the unfavorable climate of the desert and the scanty rainfall can’t stop the wildflowers from blooming here. It is close to the Mexican border and is really huge covering about 1500 miles. You can find desert lavender, brittlebush and desert apricot here.

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