How to Wear Neon Colors?

How to Wear Neon Colors?

While neon colors are daring and bright, when they are worn appropriately, they can more than accentuate your looks and make you appear stylish. Here are some tips on how to wear neon colors.

1. Understand the neon

Contrary to what you may think, neon does not just come in green. In fact, neon comes in thousands of shades. So, when you decide to wear neon, make sure you research and understand the different shades than neon comes in. Choose the one that best suits you, rather than going for just some random shade.

2. Mix and match

It is not a good idea to get covered from head to toe in neon. The best way to wear neon is to match it with appropriate neutral shades. You could team up a neon tank top with white-cropped pants and some silver bangles. It is important to wear neon with proper and complementing shades.

3. Accessorize well

Wearing neon colors can be all good if you can wear the right accessories. Hot pink handbags and neon-red sandals when worn with pastel colors will make you look stylish and hot! However, don’t try hoops or bangles in neon colors just for the sake of it. Make sure your accessories make neon look in place, not out of place.

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