7 Signs You are Obsessed With Someone

Signs You are Obsessed With Someone

Do you think about someone 24/7? Do you want to know what that person is doing all the time? If so, then you are definitely obsessed with that person. Listed below are some more signs which indicate that you are obsessed with someone.

1. If you keep thinking about them

This is probably the first sign of getting obsessed. Thinking about the person the whole day is a kind of addiction. If you are obsessed with someone, then that person would be on your mind even while sleeping.

2. If you keep stalking them

The minute you get obsessed with someone, you also start stalking them. Are you stalking someone? Stalking can relate to checking their social sites like Facebook and twitter after every hour. There is an eagerness to know what is happening in their life. You would want to get minute-by-minute update, if you are obsessed about that individual.

3. If you want to know everything

Getting obsessed with someone leads to an addictive situation. You would want to know about their likes, dislikes, family, etc. In short, you would want to know everything which is related to them. This indicates that you are obsessed with that person.

4. If you keep calling them

Obsession also includes constantly calling someone. Being obsessed, you would want to talk to the person all the time. Also, you would want to message them all the time.

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