How to Stop Nagging Your Guy Always?

How to Stop Nagging Your Guy Always?

It is natural for us women to feel as if the whole world is on our shoulders and that there is no one to share the burden of work with. So we often take our spouse/boyfriend for granted and dump half of our peeves on them. Women can sometimes be a pain in the neck when they bicker and complain. You’d love to get what you want but you have to keep in mind his needs too. The last thing you want is your guy not wanting to come home, just so that he doesn’t have to listen to you harassing him. One thing we need to know is that nagging is disrespectful and can make your guy resentful. Here are a few tips on how to stop nagging.

1. Bite your tongue

When you begin ‘nagging’ and you find your spouse getting annoyed, hold your tongue till he cools down. It is not always fair to him when you shout out your ‘things-to-be-done’ list and expect him to get things done immediately. Or you can always give him a clue as to what to do. For example, you can keep an empty bottle of allergy medicine near him, indicating that he needs to get a new bottle. By keeping things short, you can save a lot of energy on lectures and possible fights.

2. Give him his time and space

When your guy gets home, all he needs is some time to freshen up and relax a little. Bossing him around as soon as he gets home can be a huge turn off for him. He will definitely respond better if you are more considerate towards his preferences.

3. Decide whether it is really important

Before you nag your guy, ask yourself if the chore really needs to be done right that second. The world is not going to come to an end if he does it later. So be careful how you pick your battles. If the task can wait, don’t push him to do it. You might as well be pushing your relationship off the ledge.

4. Learn to be patient

If your guy says he will do it after having a shower or ‘in a while’, believe him. Have some faith in your partner that he is going to do it. You might even be surprised by his integrity. If he doesn’t do it even then, remind him politely. If his lack of concern bothers you, talk to him or just do the task yourself.

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