10 Weird Celebrity Baby Names

10 Weird Celebrity Baby Names

Haven’t you come across some names which sound really weird? These names may give you a good laugh and some might also raise your eyebrows. But God knows what these celebrities were thinking when they named their sweet, little children with the weirdest of names one could think of. Here’s a list of those cute celebrity kids whose names are downright weird.

1. Pilot

Actor Jason Lee chose this ridiculous name for his baby boy. Guess what inspired him? The song by Grandaddy that goes, ‘He’s simple, hes’ dumb, he’s the pilot’. Seriously, what was this man thinking when he named his son after an occupation! If this wasn’t enough for you, wait till you hear his full name – Pilot Inspektor!

2. Apple

Okay, we all know apples are good for health and incidentally, there’s also a world renowned company named after it. But that’s no reason to name your kid Apple! Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin apparently thought that naming their girl Apple was ‘so sweet and wholesome’. Yep, those are the words that Gwyneth actually used when asked about the decision to name her kid.

3. Gaia

Gaia is also a name of a Greek Goddess, but doesn’t it sound weird for your baby? Well, British actors Greg Wise and Emma Thompson didn’t think so. No wonder they were inspired and named their daughter Gaia.

4. Audio Science

Yeah, this is a name, not any technical equipment or name of a new subject at school. The mother who named her son Audio Science is Shannyn Sossamon. She says she wanted a word for his son and not a name. So her boyfriend looked up the dictionary and found this word. Brilliant thinking, guys! But we wonder what will Audio Science’s friend’s nickname him as? Audi?

5. True

True, this is a name and not an adjective for Forest Whitaker’s daughter. His other children are named Autumn, Sonnet and Ocean and yes he explains them too. He says, ‘Ocean is expansive, Sonnet is more of an artist, Autumn is flighty and True is strong and honest’. So will you name your baby ‘Funny’ if he/she turns out to be hilarious?

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