How to Share Success With Others?

How to Share Success With Others?

Success in any venture is what people desire. Once obtained, success can be a double edged sword. It can evoke admiration, envy, disbelief, bitterness, denial from a multitude of people; all at the same time. Handling success becomes as big a concern as attaining it. One of the best ways to handle success is to share it. Here are some tips that will show you how to share success.

1. Take others’ contribution into account

It is unlikely that your success was the result of your exclusive efforts. A number of people would have contributed to it in their own ways. Look into the roadmap of your success and identify such people. Thank them and tell them that it would not have been possible without them. Acknowledge their assistance, however small it may have been.

2. Be yourself

The taste of victory is enough to make people arrogant. People tend to contemplate how you have changed (even if you haven’t). This makes things really hard. Actions/words that come out at the spur of the moment can lead to a lot of regret. Try to be casual and cool headed. Remember the fact that it is likely your success came at the cost of someone else’s.

3. Never sympathize

Have a good relationship with your peers. You may never know who might be on the top next time. Appreciate their efforts but do not sympathize. Also do not be too modest. Tread carefully, as what you say might incite bitter feelings or sometimes even hatred.

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