5 Reasons Why Guys Find Symmetrical Faces Attractive

5 Reasons Why Guys Find Symmetrical Faces Attractive

Symmetry is an essential part of nature. When it is the question of symmetrical faces, men are particularly drawn towards them. Women with symmetrical faces look like Greek goddesses– hot, sexy and attractive. Here are 5 reasons why men like women with symmetrical faces.

1. They are charismatic

Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Aishwarya Rai and Michelle Pfeiffer, these are some of the sexiest celebrities ever! These famous women with symmetrical faces look smart, vivacious, and intense and have a depth in their personalities. To say the least, their personalities are charismatic and that is mostly contributed by their perfectly symmetrical facial features.

2. They are more intense

Guys love women who make a good catch! They should not be very easy going or like the girl next door. They need to look secretive, unattainable, with oomph factor and great amount of sex appeal. Girls with symmetrical faces are mostly associated with these physical and characteristic features. So if a guy wants a mysterious dame, he will find her in a symmetrically perfect face.

3. They are naughty and bold

Coy, innocent and bubbly women can be a turn off for some men. They want women who are mysterious, mischievous, adventurous and also bold and naughty when it comes to sexual experiments, dates and romance. They are hot and amazing in a bit dangerous way which makes the romance very interesting and a new experience to look forward too.

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