5 Common Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make On Facebook/Twitter To Put Off Potential Employers

5 Common Mistakes You Shouldn't Make On Facebook/Twitter To Put Off Potential Employers

Gone are the days when potential employers would only want to look at your resume. In the 21st century, potential employers may use social networking sites to view your profiles for a preliminary screening before they invite you for an interview. Here are 5 social media tips to avoid putting off potential employers.

1. Don’t post pictures of your silly drunken moments

You can surely go ahead and post pictures of your fun night out with your friends on Facebook, but if you think that posting pictures of your extremely drunken moments is going to make you look cool, think again. This mistake on your Facebook/Twitter page may put off potential employers. So if you spot a picture of yours where alcohol is making you look like a zombie or making you expose too much of yourself, make sure you take it off from your social media page right away.

2. Avoid using profanities

What do you think that your potential employer will think when they visit your Facebook/Twitter page and see a status update or a message from you to your friends on the lines of “F**K I had a bit****n time last night” or “SH*t I got so fu***n drunk last night that I nearly pis**d my pants”? This mistake on your Facebook/Twitter page may put off potential employers simply because they wouldn’t want their future employee to rant about their bad day at work using such profanities.

3. Avoid indulging in racially sensitive discussions

Racial discrimination is a strict no-no when it comes to any company or work environment. The mistake of indulging into racially sensitive discussion on your Facebook/Twitter account may put off potential employers because they may not feel safe or secure about hiring someone who cannot control their tongue, or their keyboards, in this case. Think twice before commenting, replying or posting messages that may draw flak from racially diverse groups.

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