How To Color Hair – Secrets Revealed

How To Color Hair – Secrets Revealed

As it is popularly known, a haircut can change one’s face significantly. Just like a new hairdo can give your looks a new lease of life, adding some fun color to your hair can also spruce up your looks. The best part about hair coloring is that it is a low cost process, if done at home. It involves some amount of knowledge on how to pick a hair color, how to mix the color, which brushes to use for application and post hair color care. Read below to know everything about hair color.

1. How long do you want the color to stay?

There are so many hair dye/color types in the market that it is easy to get confused. To make things simpler, you must understand that basically there is a permanent hair color and a semi-permanent hair color, with a slight amount of variation in each, of course. A permanent hair tint must be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to enhance the color. Peroxide helps to open the hair cuticle so that the tint can penetrate through the cortex and form the color. Whereas a semi-permanent tint is to be used as a color that complements the color of your natural hair– not as a makeover tool. The good thing about a semi-permanent color is that is lasts for about 20 washes only. If you don’t like the color you applied; you can always go back to your natural color.

2. Which hair color is right for you?

As far as picking a suitable hair color is concerned, it is largely a matter of personal choice. Different coloring methods suit different hair styles, so you should get some expert advice. Ask friends about what they think, which color would suit you or refer to the Internet and beauty magazines to check how it looks on other models, whose hair color is similar to yours. Your new hair color should basically complement your skin tone. You yourself must have noticed that light- skinned people don’t look good with very dark hair. Hence, you should take your skin tone into account before deciding which hair color you should select.

3. Which shade will suit you best?

If you are blonde, stick to dark brown hair. Even if you want a red head that cries out for attention, make sure you don’t dye your hair entirely red, otherwise reversing the process will be difficult. Red hair looks good in movies and music videos but not necessarily in reality. The safest choice, as an alternative, would be brown. There can be many variations within a brunette range- chocolate brown, bronze, honey or dark blonde. Black is another option. This is the most standard and easiest color to accomplish not only because black in any case is a natural color, but also because the molecules in black tints are large enough to enable it to cover all hair types nicely. Before you opt for black, do take your age into consideration. For an older age, natural white hair will look much better than coloring them black.

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