7 Radical Workout Techniques

7 Radical Workout Techniques

If you are bored with the routine exercises in your gym; the weights, the machines and the everyday jogging or walking, you should feel lucky to be living in the 21st century when awareness about workout techniques is at an all time high. There are a number of radical, different exercises that you can start doing, you simply have to find out where the classes for the same are being conducted. Most urban metros and cities have these fitness mantras at their disposal, so have a look and choose which one suits you best.

1. Skating

Skating has been dubbed as the new age replacement for jogging, only that it has been termed to be more defective than the latter because it helps in burning more calories. It’s not only a kid’s sport or an amusement park ice rink adventure anymore, skating helps to strengthen the leg muscles and is in fact better than running on the treadmill because it doesn’t hurt the ankles and knees as much.

2. Rock climbing or bouldering

Rock climbing in natural situations on mountains and hills seem too dangerous and inconvenient for average urban people to try out as an exercise mode. Hence, you should try out the gym variant of the same called bouldering. It is a full body exercise wherein you have to climb on a colorful plastic mountain situated in most fitness centers of today.

3. Hula hoop

Hula hoop is no more a prop for children to play with in parties. It has become a serious workout technique and works much like the way belly dancing does, it makes the hips and waist more slender. The love handles which don’t look so lovely, will disappear with hula hooping.

4. NIA

The full form of NIA is Neuromuscular Integrative Action and it is a combination of healing arts, dance, yoga and martial arts such as Muay Thai or Tai Chi. It is a new-age holistic form of exercise in which the instructors don’t yell out instructions but smoothly guide their followers to fitness.

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