5 Good Tips for Women Travelers

5 Good Tips for Women Travelers

Everyone is entitled to their share of freedom and exploration but sadly this idea is yet to be acknowledged by world citizens. Women travelers are great adventurers, they take a good deal of risk to taste the air of freedom. So, here are some tips for all you women travelers who are on an exploration spree.

1. Have information on your destination

Make sure you are well informed about your destination. Keep checking the weather portal, search the internet for recent news concerning the destination. Understand the geographic divisions of the city, also check out the main transport system to commute feasibly. Map out your hotel and check the nearest train and police station. Find out what the place is famous for, not just even in terms of shopping and monuments but also crime records.

2. Do a virtual tour

Maintain a diary and jot all these points in it, write down important phone numbers of your relatives and help lines around that place. Internet and Google maps have made it very easy to map out your road ways. Travel sites like Lonely Planet deliver honest reviews; read and research on the internet and if possible talk to a friend form the city.

3. Maintain a dress code

It’s the appearance that makes you an alien in the crowd. Always be fully clothed and avoid body hugging clothes. Try adapting to the dressing style of the place. Wear clothes that are flexible and not flamboyant.

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