5 Tips to Avoid People You Dislike

5 Tips to Avoid People You Dislike

No matter how much of an angel and a sweetheart you are, there must be people that you just cannot stand; and that is completely OK. We all often end up in situations where we just cannot avoid the people that we dislike. We give you some of the ways in which you can ensure that you spend minimum time with such people.

1. Do not give mixed signals

If you do not like someone’s company, make sure you do not give them a reason to believe otherwise. Avoid making physical contact, playing with your hair, or giggling. This might send them a signal that you are actually enjoying the conversation. Just keep a plain face and do not give them signals that might confuse them.

2. Keep your answers short

How long you actually want to sustain the conversation is up to you. If you react keenly whenever they say anything, then the discussion will never end. Try giving monosyllabic replies wherever possible. Stick to “hmm” or “yeah” or “no”. Just keep things plain. Most importantly, do not ask them any questions. If you do, then you will be the one initiating a dialogue. Just be passive and give short replies to their queries.

3. ALWAYS be ready with an excuse

Whenever you are about to meet up with a person you do not like, be ready with some excuse that would allow you to leave the place whenever you want. You could start the conversation by saying, ” I am swamped with work today”. That way, you can leave midway by saying, “I need to get back to my work now.” If you do not think of excuses before you meet them, then it will be difficult to come up with convincing excuses on the spot.

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