6 Facts about the Engagement of George Clooney

Facts About the Engagement of George Clooney

The most obvious fact about George Clooney’s engagement is that he has broken a lot of hearts. Audible gasps could be heard by many women who heard the news. Although a little exaggerated, this is true as George handsome Clooney has been one of Hollywood’s long time bachelors and has gone around with a bevy of beautiful women. The fact that he never settled down with anyone just increased his image as a Casanova and made him the most wanted of all actors. Although it was widely known that he was dating 36 year old lawyer amal alamuddin, the news of the engagement came as a surprise to many. Here are some quick facts about the engagement of George Clooney.

1. The engagement has not been made public and there has been no official confirmation of the engagement by his representatives

So far everything has been kept hush-hush and neither Clooney nor his representatives have made any statement or press releases regarding the same. The news has just been based of rumors and sightings of the actor and his girlfriend spotted in a romantic setting with a ring.

2. It has been said that Clooney popped the question while in Mexico

The news of the engagement came after the pair was spotted in a romantic getaway in Mexico. It is also said that George Clooney asked amal to be his wife in Mexico during their vacation together.

3. The couple are really trying to keep the engagement a low key affair

The couple are doing everything they can so far to keep the engagement a private and a secret affair so much so that one really wonders if the engagement ever really happened. Guess one has to wait for them to make an official announcement soon.

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