Do’s And Don’ts Of Swimming

Summer’s on its way and you know what that means – fun trips to the beach and to the swimming pool. Before you jump in to beat the heat, here are some top do’s and don’ts of swimming safety, habits, and manners.


Have a swim buddy

Are you going to your favorite lake for a quick dip? And you are thinking “Oh I know the place inside out. Nothing can happen there!” Wrong! Take a swimming buddy with you so you can watch each other’s back. There have been many stories of swimmers in trouble even in the calmest waters who have been helped by mates and buddies swimming with them. Always, always take a swim buddy along with you.

Wear swimming goggles

I know many friends who hate wearing swimming goggles. I am sick and tired of hearing “Oh they make swimming complicated and cumbersome” Wear a nice pair of goggles dammit! Swimming goggles will protect your eyes from excessive chlorine in the swimming pool, dirt and sand in the sea, and any other particles that may cause damage. I love wearing goggles because I can see much clearly with them. In the pool, I can see the bottom and in the lake, I can see much further ahead. Touch wood, I have never had an eye infection while swimming for which all credit goes to my lovely pair of swimming goggles.

Know your limits

Yeah, water can kill you! If you’re at the beach, don’t go further than the area marked out by the lifeguards. Don’t stress yourself out too much. Very often, swimmers go out further than they can swim back. You will not feel the fatigue in the beginning of all the excitement but it will hit you like a rock. Even in the pool, if 5 laps is your capacity – stick to it. If you want to improve your stamina, do it gradually. Diving in and expecting your body to take you for 10 quick laps is not the way to go. You can get cramps, pains or even drown.

Wear a life jacket, if necessary

There is no shame in wearing a life jacket. If you are not a confident swimmer or if you are still learning the ropes – don’t take chances. I hate people who try to be heroes and then end up in trouble. I’ve seen many such wannabes on the beach. Even if you are an expert swimmer – if you feel that the waves on the beach are strong, don’t shy away from wearing a life jacket. Yeah, you get the message, don’t you? Don’t be a fool, wear a life jacket!

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