8 Dishes to Bring to a Potluck Dinner

8 Dishes to Bring to a Potluck Dinner

When you are preparing a dish for a potluck dinner, there are certain things the dish must fulfill. For starters, the dish must be easy to ferry around. It must look and taste good even when placed on a buffet table for hours. The dish should more or less appeal to a majority of people attending the dinner. Enlisted here are some good dishes for a potluck dinner.

1. Salads

Salads make an exceptional choice for potluck dinners. They do not require heating but must be prepared close to the time they are served. You can transport them easily and will appeal to all. Spinach salad with mandarin oranges, potato salad or Waldorf salad are some easy and successful salad dishes for potluck dinners.

2. Onion and bacon tart

There can be no better combination than onions and bacon and when the onions are beautifully caramelized, they are almost invincible. However when you transport the dish to the party spot, make sure you take it in the bottom pan in which it was made to avoid breaking of the pastry shell.

3. Mexican lasagna

The name is quite different but there is only a little difference in the way Italians make it and the way Mexicans prepare it. Mexican lasagna is made in a round pan and lasagna sheets are replaced by tortilla shells. Salsa takes the place of tomato sauce. Cooked minced beef, salsa, sour cream tortillas, refried beans, tomatoes and dollops of cheese are stacked to recreate heaven. The dish is different, tasty and will appeal to all.

4. Versatile black bean dip

There is nothing more satisfying than a great dip. A smoky black bean dip will go well with tortilla or pita chips, on nachos and even quesadillas. You can even store it in the refrigerator for two days and storing will only make it more flavorsome.

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