4 Christmas Fudge Ideas


The taste of delicious fudge is just delectable. Do you like the taste of awesome Christmas fudge? Do you want to try out different recipes in Christmas fudge. Then indulge in some different Christmas fudge recipes this season. Listed are some ideas you can just try. Read on to know more on this.

1. Peanut butter fudge

Move over from the traditional chocolate fudge and try the taste of peanut butter fudge this Christmas. All you need is four cups of white sugar and a cup of peanut butter. One can of milk along with one cup butter and marshmallow cream. Melt all the ingredients on a pan keeping aside the marshmallow cream and peanut butter. Once everything is melted, pour in the two and mix well. Now pour this in a tray and let it cool for some time. Your fudge is ready to eat. Cut it into pieces and relish it this Christmas season.

2. Christmas fudge

Have you ever tried Christmas fudge that is green and white in color both? Well, Christmas fudge is a dish which even the little ones will relish with taste. You need three cups of white sugar with two third of white cream. One pack of white chocolate and three fourth cup of butter. Some marshmallows with green and red food color.

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