Can Kate Middleton Ever Match The Popularity Of Princess Diana?

Can Kate Middleton Ever Match The Popularity Of Princess Diana?

Ever since Prince William presented Kate Middleton with his late mother’s sapphire and diamond ring, there began comparisons between the two ladies. Is Kate Middleton the next Diana? Is Kate Middleton another lamb like her who is heading to the royal slaughterhouse? Can Kate Middleton ever match up to Diana’s popularity? Well, I think not.

The comparisons made between the two were inevitable but Kate Middleton and Diana are two completely different individuals under completely different circumstances with only one thing common between them, the fact that they married men from the royal family.

Princess Diana remained a public figure even after her divorce. This was because Diana was not just the apple of the eye of world media but also the people. This was the only reason why she was considered a ‘People’s Princess’. Princess Diana was always a rebel, a revolutionary who felt like many others that the royal palace and everything associated with it was just a fur-lined coffin. She was courted only for a short time span of only six months and felt enslaved right from the beginning at a tender age of twenty, when she was married to Prince Charles. Her married life was also not a happy one due to lack of her husband’s love and interest. It ended with both of them cheating each other and resultantly, a bitter divorce. However, she made sure that she did her share of good deeds and continued to lead her life for the betterment of others’ lives. Be it opposing land mines or setting up hospitals, her personality was volatile, charismatic and filled with drama of all sorts.

Kate Middleton, on the other hand, is nothing of what Diana was. She is more mature, wise and calculative. One would say that she is better trained for being a part of the royal family. She lacks Diana’s charisma and confidence. Some would say that it is rather too early to compare but Diana had shown her traits right from her marriage to Prince Charles. Kate’s personal life is also not as volatile as that of Diana. Kate and Prince William have been together for ten long years and looked very happy and much in love on their wedding day, something that was clearly amiss in Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding and the evidence can be found from the wedding photographs when compared.

Kate’s careful and cautious ways have been seen in the initial phases but it is yet to see how long it takes for her to succumb, if she does that. However, no comparison can be made of the two women, who seem like they are poles apart from each other. The final comment comes in from Prince William as well who says, “No one is trying to fill in my mother’s shoes.” Princess Diana will always be the People’s Princess and media’s favorite and she remains immortal in the pages of history.

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