7 Bare Minerals Makeup Tips

7 Bare Minerals Makeup Tips

Bare minerals is a popular name in the world of mineral makeup. It is natural and safe and more importantly, offers flawless coverage. It may be a little different to use the first time for a woman who is familiar with liquid, cake or powder foundations. But as you get the hang of it, the product will feel light and perfect for your skin. Here are some bare minerals makeup tips for making your experience a pleasant one.

1. Know the basics first

Identifying the right shade is perhaps the most important technique of appearing natural rather than looking like a decked Christmas tree. Determine the color of your skin. Test the mineral foundation during broad daylight on your jaw. If the color blends with your skin without any definite difference, your color is right. Before applying any makeup, make sure your face is clean. It is recommended to apply a light moisturizer before using the foundation and let it stay for some time for your skin to absorb the moisturizer completely.

2. Use the concealer

If you have certain problem areas such as freckles, dark circles, pimples or redness, use the concealer directly on those areas to cover them up first. Alternatively, you can use Bare Minerals skin Rev-er Upper. Besides creating a perfect setting for your makeover, the product gives the skin a desired glow and reduces pores. It also makes skin smooth to take in other cosmetics.

3. Work on the perfect foundation

Take a small amount of Bare Minerals foundation powder onto the lid. Swirl the brush so that the powder settles perfectly on the brush. As the bristles face upwards, gently tap the brush so that excess powder settles inside the brush and only the right amount reaches your face. Using circular motion, apply the foundation beginning from your cheekbone and working towards your eyes and nose. Subsequently, move towards your forehead, cheek and chin. Stop when you think your face is perfectly covered.

4. Apply the bronzer

The Warmth is used like a bronzer to make your facial bone structure prominent and to also give you a natural and tanned look. Apply the bronzer only on those spots that receive the maximum sun. So, Warmth All-Over Face Color gives skin a special glow and even as you tan, it mixes delectably with your skin tone.

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