9 Tips to Develop Listening Skills

9 Tips to Develop Listening Skills

Effective listening skills not only develop a good relationship, but also avoid conflicts. It is important to develop good listening skills for an effective communication. Listed below are some tips to develop listening skills, read on.

1. Have patience

Be patient when a person speaks. Many people tend to start talking before a person completes his talk. Patience is the key to effective listening. Let the person conclude speaking and then react to it. Speaking impromptu can also lead to misunderstandings.

2. Show interest

It is imperative to show interest to the person while speaking. Thinking something else while listening can be distasteful.

3. Give feedback

It is also important to give a feedback while listening to someone. A person can simply nod head or say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This shows the interest level while listening. It is also important to maintain eye contact while listening to the person.

4. Do not unnecessarily give advice

Many people tend to give advice without listening to the whole conversation. This creates confusion and misunderstanding. Understand what the other person is saying, and then react or advice on the whole issue. Or simply wait for the right pause.

5. Ask questions to confirm

When the other person stops speaking, ask questions about the issue. Ask, if you haven’t understood properly. This helps to confirm the understanding regarding a particular topic or a situation.

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