7 Facts to Know If You Suffer from Depression

Facts to Know If You Suffer from Depression

Although it is now quite fashionable to say that someone is depressed over a simple argument or a silly thing or even because they are bore with nothing much to do, depression can be pretty fatal without people suffering from depression self-harming themselves and trying to kill themselves. There also have been a lot of fatalities owing to depression. Before you panic or do something that does you no good, it is important that you know if you are really suffering from depression and if it can be classified under clinical depression. It also helps if you can go see a psychiatrist as soon as possible if you feel you cannot handle it yourself. Here are some facts to know if you are suffering from depression.

1. Depression twists and distorts the way you think

When you are depressed, even a simple problem can look like it is an insurmountable problem. You will also feel suicidal and have such thought predominantly in your head. Know when this is all you can think of is also the time you get yourself checked.

2. It can make you a very selfish person

Depression can be self-consuming and it is seldom that you can really think of someone else or something else. You put yourself at the center of everything and that cannot be helpful for anyone except you and that too is doubtful.

3. Depression can also be caused by anxiety disorder or can be a cause for anxiety disorder

Studies show that depression is experienced by many as anxiety for the most time. It is very helpful to get diagnosed when you feel you are depressed.

4. Constant irritation and emotional outbursts can also be a sign that you are depressed

If you feel nothing is going right and if anything the others around you does makes you snap or make you cry, it could be signs that you are depressed. Take time out for yourself and analyze what is going on.

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