8 Tips to Deal with Your Boyfriend’s Flirty Girl Pal

8 Tips to Deal with Your Boyfriend's Flirty Girl Pal

So, your boyfriend has a possessive girl pal and you don’t know what to do when she intrudes and takes his attention away from you. Possibly, you fear that she may exert her influence on him to your detriment. There are certain ploys you can set in place to get rid of the unwanted intruder. There are some things you can do to get your boyfriend all to yourself.

1. Give her the benefit at first

Maybe she doesn’t find anything wrong in chatting with your boyfriend; she may think that you’ll accept her as a friend just as your boyfriend does. Or, maybe she’s trying to be nice to you and trying to get to know you better since you’re her friend’s special girl.

2. Speak to your guy

If she flirts with him using both, words and body language, in a way that definitely amounts to tantalizing behavior, try telling your boyfriend not to meet her because you don’t like the way she behaves with him despite knowing that you’re his special girl.

3. Confront her

If she doesn’t stop flirting shamelessly with your guy, tell her that you don’t like the way she behaves with him and it’s not right, especially as she considers herself to be a good friend of his. Reason with her calmly, not aggressively or loudly.

4. Avoid loud, angry outbursts

Fighting loudly and getting mad at your boyfriend in public places will show you in a bad light, and other girls may feel sorry for him and try to console him. You may end up contending with more than one unwelcome influences!

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