9 Romantic Things He Wants You to Do

9 Romantic Things He Wants You to Do

Passion and romance are two important things which keep any relationship going. When was the last time you had a romantic date with your partner? When was the last time you did something romantic for your partner? Well, as your lover, there are many romantic things your partner would want you to do. Read on to know about them.

1. Surprise him

After a stressful day at work, who would not love some surprise? Surprise him by making something for him. Gift him something which he always wanted. For instance, his favorite cookies or candies made by you! Look at his face and his wonderful smile; this will surely do the trick.

2. Kiss him

Why should he initiate the kiss every time? For a romantic change, you do it. Do not give a simple peck on his cheeks. Rather kiss him hard, so that he asks for more. This can be quite a romantic thing to do, because he would certainly not expect this from you.

3. Say it with pictures

There are many smartphone picture apps that can help you to create some beautiful memories. Make a collage of pictures for him. Or else, edit his pictures for fun and send him. He would get all excited by your gesture. He will immediately send you a lovely emoticon.

4. Romance with words

Romantic lines and poems can reignite the passion back in any relationship. Write small romantic notes for him and stick it on your mirror. When he will read those wonderful lines, he will come and hug you tight. He will feel elated on having you in his life for sure.

5. Make him drool

Wear a sexy outfit and glam up your looks. Choose to wear an outfit which he has gifted you. When he will see you, he will get turned on by you. What follows should not be explained, right?

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