How to Add Volume to the Crown Area of Your Hair?

How to Add Volume to the Crown Area of Your Hair?

Hairstyles and haircuts can make any woman look good. In fact, it can change the way you look. Nowadays lots of women complain that there is no volume in their hair, especially the crown area of hair. How will you add volume to the crown area of your hair? If you have no clue, then continue reading.

1. Try hair extensions for instant volume

Hair extensions are getting popular with time. Experiment with different hair extensions for increasing the volume of your hair near the crown area. Choose the same colored hair extensions that can give a natural effect to hair. Extensions can be applied depending on hair volume. Backcomb your hair once you apply extensions to the hair. This gives instant volume to your hair.

2. Blow-dry hair for instant results

Blow-dry your hair if you want to increase the volume at crown area of hair. Simply blow dry your hair and brush your hair in the outward direction. Once the process is over, use a spray to maintain the volume. There are volume sprays available in market that give instant results. Also, try the upside down technique to increase volume to crown area.

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