8 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

8 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

Strutting to office after having an awesome weekend can give the best of employees Monday morning blues. To have a great head start to the week and feel good about going to work on a Monday morning, use these tips.

1. Plan the next weekend in advance

It can be easier to let the week go by if you are looking forward to something for the forthcoming weekend. Set up something in advance. Make plans with your kids, family or friends in such a way that it acts like bait to get you past Monday morning with a smile.

2. Set a goal for the week

Set yourself a goal whether it is personal or professional, and accomplish it in the week. Every Monday morning when you feel the blues, think about what you are going to achieve through the week. If there is something to look forward to, why would you wake up with a glum face on Monday morning?

3. Listen to peppy music on your way to work

If you are looking for an instant way to boost up your mood and drive away the Monday morning blues, you should listen to peppy, motivational and inspiring music on your way to work. This will make you feel good instantly and will set a cheerful vibe for the rest of the day.

4. Get good sleep on Sunday night

One of the reasons why many people may have Monday morning blues is because they don’t get enough sleep on the previous night. Keep Friday and Saturday nights for drinking and partying. Let your Sunday be quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Good sleep will relax your body and you are likely to wake up less grumpy on a Monday morning.

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