8 Ways to Be Creative

8 Ways to Be Creative

Some people might complain that they are absolutely not creative and would love to be the same, but they don’t know how to. Well, the problem is right there. You don’t need to sit at one place and think about it. Creativity is not like peace that you may attain after meditating for hours. You may do something creative in a light bulb moment too. For making that simple for you, we have given ways to be creative here.

1. Give up the television and computer

The first and most important thing that you need to do for being creative is to stop spending time in trivial things such as watching TV and being on the PC. These electronic items do nothing but make you passive. This stops your ability to think.

2. Go for a short walk

A morning or evening walk in the park or just in your street will help to refresh your mind. It acts as a breather to your mundane life. Going out and being with nature helps in bringing out your inner self, which in turn gives way to thinking creatively.

3. Practice in free flow writing

Writing freely with whatever that comes to your mind is also an art. It gives you the ability to freely think and put onto paper what you want. Your thought process is an integral part of your life. So just jot down and keep jotting down till your train of thought gets exhausted.

4. Make plans ahead

Charting out plans for what you’re going to do today, tomorrow and henceforth is a great idea to go on the path of creativity. In this way, you know what you have to and should do. It also broadens your thinking process by way of planning ahead.

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