8 Tips on Dating a Leo Man

Tips on Dating a Leo Man

If you are going out with a Leo man and he is proving to be a bit too much to handle, then here are some dating tips just for you which will give you an insight into what to do and what not to in order to ensure that the dates are just awesome.

1. Hold your own

Leo is governed by the Sun, and hence, the Leos have a very strong personality. So you should make sure not to let them run over you, and instead hold your own the entire time you are with them.

2. Be energetic

A Leo man will loathe a girlfriend who is lethargic and sloppy. So if you want to win him over, pump up your adrenaline and try to come across as someone with vitality and ebullience.

3. Be generous

The Leos are known for their big heart and they avoid selfish people like cancer. So come across as a self centered woman and rather show him your generous self and how much you care about others.

4. Feed his pride

A Leo man likes to be praised and you can win him over by lauding him now and then. Wonder aloud how awesome he is and acknowledge even the most trivial of his skills.

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