Advantages Of Having An Identical Twin

Advantages Of Having An Identical Twin

What can be cooler than having a total replica or mirror image of you? Think of the many wicked pranks that you can pull off on people. Be it the power, the comfort or the convenience of always having someone around you; having a twin is truly magical. Here we tell you the advantages of having an identical twin.

Your best friend, your shadow

While most of the people in this world are all by themselves, you always have someone by your side all the time. Imagine how would your first day at school be if you were all alone without your better half! Be it at a party or to the movies with your high school friends, your twin is someone who ensures that you’re never alone.

Your twin understands you

Studies reveal that sometimes a mother can sense when her child is in trouble, a twin also gets an intuition when her /his better half is in pain. No matter how complicated, your twin will be able to understand exactly what you’re going through. With nobody else will you be able to share such a high level of understanding. Lucky girl!

Helps you get out of tricky situations

For example, if you run into your ex-boyfriend at a mall, you can easily pretend to be your twin. Similarly, you can get out of such other tricky and embarrassing situations.

Helps you in studies

Since the two of you are exactly of the same age, your studies are more or less the same, at least in the initial years. Your twin can help you out here. You both can study together all the time and help each other out in your shortcomings.

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