8 New Things to Learn This Year

8 New Things To Learn This Year

2012 is here ladies! What fascinating thing have you got up your sleeve this year? We have listed amazing learning experiences for you that you can try out and enjoy. Check out some new things you to learn this year.

1. Learn a foreign language

There may be times when there is that awesome Spanish movie going on TV. But the drawback is that it doesn’t have subtitles. Well, what can you do about it? Except of course, learn the language! So head over and learn a new language this year – be it Greek, Spanish, French, Italian or Russian. Then watch a foreign language movie without subtitles and impress your friends and family with your language prowess.

2. Learn how to make an exotic dish

If cooking is your forte, then why not tread into unexplored waters and try out a totally new recipe? There are thousands of books available in your local library as well as online to help you to make some Mexican recipe. The world cuisine is at your feet, literally and you can try any of those wonderful cuisines.

3. Learn gardening

If you don’t have a food garden at the back of your house yet, it’s time you have one in 2012. After all, how hard can it be to grow basil, peppers and tomatoes? You can even entail the help of a gardening club to get you started on the basics of gardening. Then again, you have the Internet and the wide array of DIY books on gardening.

4. Learn palm reading

Now that’s called spending your time in an exciting way! Palm reading is famous and trendy. So you can join the bandwagon and learn the art of palm reading. You will get plenty of books on mastering palm reading. Then sit back and read your own palm and know your past, present and future! You can even read palms of your friends and family.

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