10 Health Benefits of Parsley

10 Health Benefits of Parsley

Seen that fresh looking, green herb that’s most often used in garnishing dishes? Yes, that’s parsley and its use is not just restricted to garnishing. In fact, a variety of recipes use parsley as their main ingredient. That’s because parsley provides your body with so many different health benefits. Want to know what they are? Then continue reading this interesting piece on the health benefits of parsley.

1. It prevents cancer

An organic compound called myristicin is present in parsley. Myristicin helps in stopping tumor formation in the lungs. It also balances the cancer causing agents that are present in cigarette smoke. This prevents colon and prostate cancer. It also has vitamin C which is responsible for destroying the free radicals in the body that cause cancer.

2. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Parsley contains luteolin, a flavonoid and vitamin C, both of which are great anti-inflammatory agents. They are responsible for preventing the degeneration of bones and thus avoid anti-inflammatory disorders like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. It leads to a better immune system

Parsley contains vitamin A and vitamin C which are great benefactors leading to a healthy immune system. Vitamin A strengthens the intestinal, urinary and respiratory tracts and the lining of the eyes. Also, vitamin A helps the white blood cells in the body to develop resistance against infection. On the other hand, vitamin C is useful for developing collagen and that is necessary for the whole body as it’s a connective tissue.

4. It treats an upset stomach

Parsley is valuable for treating an upset stomach. Moreover, it also increases your appetite. Vitamin C again helps in absorbing the iron in the body. It acts as a diuretic and helps in removing excessive water from your body. Thus, it is helpful in relieving you of rheumatism.

5. It keeps the heart healthy

Parsley helps in purifying the blood and also reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. This enables easy flow of blood throughout the body and prevents the risk of heart diseases. This ultimately improves your heart health.

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