13 Ways to Improve Your Health in 2013

13 Ways to Improve Your Health in 2013

With inflation building up, signs of stress not fading away, fears of a depleting ozone layer and its detrimental effects, newer diseases coming our way even as medical science tries to find cures for the pre-existing ones, it’s enough to send the shivers down anybody’s spine. But, wait! There are many things you can do – we’re giving a mere 13 – to improve your health in the coming year. You owe it to yourself, so do give it a try.

1. Meditate, do yoga or exercise

Meditate, do yoga or aerobics, go hiking or swimming, but stay calm. Along with the exercises, your body gets to tone up the muscles and cut away unnecessary flab. Being at peace with yourself aids in thinking sensibly, keeps the blood pressure and heartbeats under control. If all this doesn’t mean good health, then what does?

2. Reduce your alcohol intake

The controversy about alcohol consumption seems to be here to stay; while some research points a finger at imbibing too much of it, other studies reveal its benefit to one’s health. Nevertheless, we’re all aware of the negative effects of ‘being high’, so it’s best to limit your drinks.

3. Adopt a healthier way to cook

While you may be eating the right kind of food, you may not be cooking it the healthy way! Nutritionists encourage you to steam, boil, bake or grill your food and avoid sautéing it, as frying can lead to more fat building up in your body, unless you are cooking in olive oil or canola oil.

4. Maintain well-regulated blood pressure

Try to lessen the salt intake as too much of it can play havoc with your blood pressure. Fruits such as bananas and of the citrus variety are a rich source of potassium, which effectively regulate the blood pressure. Garlic helps in lowering blood pressure and reducing the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

5. Consume more ‘wholegrain’ for health

When you buy breads or cereals, look for the ‘wholegrain’ label. Wholegrain cereals, bread and rice can go a long way in bringing down your ‘bad’ cholesterol, and save you from a possible heart ailment.

6. Build healthy bones and muscles

Only if your body is supple and strong can you really enjoy your work and other strenuous activities. Include eggs– egg yolk, fish– rich in omega-3, and broccoli in your diet, as these foods will provide you a rich diet of calcium and vitamin D to promote strong bones and muscles.

7. Increase intake of dietary fiber

A diet rich in dietary fiber, which includes lentils, green leafy vegetables and fruits including apples, bananas and oranges, help the digestive system to speedily dispose the body’s waste and ensures that the harmful substances don’t stay for long inside your body.

8. Build up your immunity

Tomatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, mint, parsley, garlic, cantaloupe, beetroot, broccoli and broccoli sprouts contain antioxidants, besides other nutrients, which help to build up your immune system and protect the body from dangerous diseases such as cancer.

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