How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship?

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship?

Many of us have to adjust ourselves to a situation where in our partner lives miles away from us, for better career opportunities and money. How does one sustain such a relationship? There are couples who face this situation and after sometime start losing interest in each other. Infidelity arises due to loneliness. So if you are willing to work this out, here are a few steps that will help you survive and thrive!

1. Communicate

It is very important to communicate and update each other. Skype video chat, ICQ, emails, calling cards are easy options to be in touch with each other daily.

2. Try doing things together

Defy the distance. Besides talking on the phone, one can incorporate more things that can be done together. Couples living together do not spend all time talking, but try doing chores together. Similarly in a long distance relationship couples can replicate and find ideas to overcome the same mundane idea of a telephonic call. Instead send flowers, text messages, watch movies simultaneously and send an Ecard saying how much you miss him/her. Making it innovative will add the spice that is required in your relationship.

3. Be trustworthy

There should be great amount of trust, especially in a long distance relationship as trust is the only thing that will keep it going strong. You have to believe in each other. When you live apart your partner will definitely have his/her social life, and same goes for you! Therefore, don’t make your own stories and start contaminating your mind. Giving each other their own space is very important.

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