8 Eyeliner Tricks for Bigger Eyes

Eyeliner Tricks for Bigger Eyes

Women with big eyes are much appreciated. Women look classic, graceful and big eyes lends them sharp and pointed facial features. Having big eyes is considered as an asset that you can do a lot with – accentuate, leave them with just a kohl lining or even make them look smaller to give you a different look. Here are 8 eyeliner tricks for bigger eyes.

1. Use dark eye shadows

Dark colors lend a more toned and withdrawn look. Your eyes don’t look very wide open. Dark colors like black, red or any dark shade that goes with the look you’re trying to achieve will make your eyes look smaller.

2. Color blending

Color blending is of foremost importance when it comes to eye makeup. Use medium shades that compliment the darker shade and blend it well with the dark shade. The medium shade must be applied just below the eye brows to create that perfect blending.

3. Darken the edges

After applying the eye shadow and the eye pencil, use a thin brush to darken the edges around the eye lids. It provides a closed darkening effect around the eyes.

4. Use shimmer

When you use shimmer make sure it spreads on the brow bone. The dark liner and darker shades on the eyes must open upwards towards a lighter shimmer on your brow bone.

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