7 Trends That are Difficult to Carry Off

7 Trends That are Difficult to Carry Off

What looks good on the runway hardly ever looks good on normal people in real life. Those anorexic tall models are dressed in a swish manner by the designer, making normal women with normal bodies wish they looked that good wearing those apparels. However, there are some niche and unreasonable trends which are not made for the real woman who works the whole day; they have been invented keeping a particular image in mind. These are some of those trends that can’t be followed by all.

1. Midriff baring

The trend of cropped outfits to show off the midriff is an old one wherein the navel would be seen. However, the new and latest one involves flaunting your abs mainly. So the navel is covered and the area between the breasts and navel is seen. This one is a very tricky trend to carry off since you would either have to be naturally thin, or a gym fanatic to get those smooth toned abs.

2. Thigh high slit

Yes a thigh slit gown looks uber sexy on stars like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez, but unless you are really confident about having legs to die for, it would be wise not to sport it in parties. You need to have a pair of smooth, cellulite and flab free legs to carry this look off; something which most women don’t really have.

3. Mini skirts

Mini skirts have always been in vogue, since they were invented. As we all know they can only be sported by confident women who know how to carry themselves off. Besides confidence, women also have to have toned, enviable gams, preferably on the longer side, to sport these skirts with elan.,

4. Peplum

Peplum is the latest fashion trend that has created ripples all over the world thanks to Kate Middleton and her fascination with them. They are frilly and hence pretty, cute and feminine. But they are not ideal for women who have thick waists. If you are endowed with a slim waist and medium sized hips, only then will a peplum top or dress look good on you.

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