7 Myths About Quitting Smoking

7 Myths About Quitting Smoking

To quit smoking is one task most people consider more difficult than climbing the Mount Everest. More and more women are increasingly smoking these days. A vast majority of the herd refuse to give it up citing a lot of universally created or self-made excuses and myths. You reading this article could be one of the many. Below are the myths which may be keeping you from quitting smoking and thus taking you closer to a poisonous death.

1. Weight gain

“If I quit smoking, I will put on weight and spoil my figure.” This is the most common myth. The fact is that many women take the craving for nicotine as craving for food and tend to over eat and hence put on the extra pounds. This can be controlled easily. Take up exercising and follow it regularly and the weight gain can be controlled.

2. Too old a habit to quit

Women who have been chain smokers for over 10, 20, 30 years or more always think, “it’s too old a habit, I can’t quit now.” They start believing that quitting at this stage is going to make no difference to their lives. Think again. Quitting at any age is helpful. It increases stamina and also adds precious years to one’s life.

3. Against social acceptance

Many women start smoking to be accepted in the so called cool and up market social circle. They think it’ll make them a part of the elite. They refuse to think and believe otherwise, and hence, don’t want to give up smoking. This is very easily picked up during teenage and if not stopped at the right time can become a habit for life.

4. Relieves from pain

Many women say that smoking for them is a stress buster. It takes them away from pain. All you women smoking out there should realize that this is just a silly excuse. If you have some pain, deal with it, smoking cannot reduce your pain.

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