10 Famous Quotes by Ron Howard

10 Famous Quotes by Ron Howard

Ron Howard is a famous American actor, director and producer, although directing movies has always been a top priority for Ron. He has given many hits as a director, which includes movies like ‘Frost/Nixon’, ‘Apollo 13’ and ‘A Beautiful Mind’. His wisdom and keen interest in a subject is something to look out for. Listed below are some famous quotes by Ron, read on.

1. “I’ve acted with all types, I’ve directed all types. What you want to understand as a director is what actors have to offer. They’ll get at it however they get at it. If you can understand that, you can get your work done.”

2. “I’m not a good enough actor any more to be able to stand up here and make you believe that I haven’t imagined this moment in my mind over the years and played it out about a thousand times. I’m very grateful for this. I’m very grateful for an entire lifetime spent involved in this creative process.”

3. “We look at some similar areas in such a completely different way. We’re a comedy, we’re very contemporary. We’re very much about the impact of celebrity and fame on an individual in today’s world.”

4. “We’re getting there, but we thought we were on track before and we fell off. We’re just trying to come out and get better in practice every day and then come out and play every game like we’ve got something to prove.”

5. “Every religion, in my opinion, has something to bring, and I think we all learn from everyone that there’s no right, perfect way to look at something.”

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