5 Ways to Win Over Your Mom-in-law

5 Ways to Win Over Your Mom-in-law

Whether you are a daughter-in law or a to-be daughter-in-law, the question ‘how to strike the right chord with your mom-in-law?’ might always be at the back of your mind. Remember, your mom-in-law is one important person in your man’s life, so befriending her is very important. Check out 5 ways to win over your mom-in-law and build a strong relationship with her.

1. Keep in touch

One great way to build a bond with your mom-in-law is by keeping in touch with her regularly. You can call her, send messages to her or pay an occasional visit to her house. Even if your husband is around or not, keep this contact without fail. Always wish on her birthday, or other special occasions. Don’t forget to ask if she needs any help. Your mom-in law will be impressed by your concern.

2. Say “recipe please”

Asking your mom-in-law for your husband’s favorite recipe can work great in two ways. Firstly, you get to make your husband happy and secondly, you are making your mom-in-law feel important. Asking her son’s favorite recipe can actually make her feel that you are taking care of him in every way. All the more, your mom-in-law feels appreciated to know that her son still admires her cooking. This is an easy way to win your mom-in-law’s heart.

3. Say “you look great, mom!”

Pampering and flattering your mother-in-law, like appreciating her looks, her dress or her housekeeping style will matter a lot to her. After all who does not like to be lauded? You can also borrow her stuff for some occasion. She will feel great.

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