7 Tips to Have a Fun Girl’s Night Out

7 Tips to Have a Fun Girl's Night Out

Why should boys have all the fun? Girls can have an equally crazy, if not crazier, night out by themselves. Daytime fun is alright but to have an all night wild time, once in a while has a charm of it’s own. Ladies, it’s time you let your hair down and have fun with your gal pals by putting to use any of these 7 tips.

1. Go clubbing

The commonest way to have a great night out is to go clubbing. It’s the commonest because it’s the most convenient and quite enjoyable. Make fun of the guys who hit on you with cheesy pick up lines. Set the dance floor on fire and see every girlfriend and wife in there get jealous of her partner gazing at the bevy of you and your friends dancing the night away.

2. Go for a long drive

Embark on a long drive to the outskirts of your town or city and stay over at a Bed and Breakfast place if you happen to venture too far to return or if all of you are tired of driving.

3. Organize a house party with fun drinking games

It’s pretty unsafe to get totally wasted. A club, moreover shut down early at night. After clubbing you could organize a session of drinking games at your place and set the mood for a wild, catty, drunken night.

4. Relive sleepovers of teenage times

Remember teenage girls sleepovers where you would make each other’s hair, apply makeup, try clothes, share gossip and do pillow fight? So what if you are all grown women, fun is fun, and you ought to do all of that again.

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