15 Fun Activities to Do With Friends

15 Fun Activities to Do With Friends

Friends make your life complete. They are like those special family members that God blesses you with, only minus the blood ties! They make your life a happy one. Friends are there when you need help to shop or cook, or when you want to bitch about your boyfriend, or when you need advice on something, or when you need help in impressing a guy, or when you need company for a movie, or when you need someone to console you and comfort you etc. In other words, friends do a lot of things for you. They play a very vital role in almost every aspect of your life. To make your bond even more interesting, here are a few fun activities that you can do with your friends.

1. Go on a picnic

From how the world is progressing, many people say that we won’t be left with too many parks and natural surroundings a few years from now. So just to make sure that you don’t crib later, take your friends out on a picnic, and spend the day together in a natural environment, enjoying card games, Frisbee, eating fun snacks, playing all kinds of games and doing a lot more.

2. Karaoke night!

Organize a fun karaoke night with friends, where everyone can show (or attempt to hide!) their singing talents. Make it a fun game with fun prizes, and choose a theme or genre of songs that matches the tastes of most people. Add some dancing as well to it, if you like!

3. A camping night

Being on a lakeside or riverside, with cute tent-houses and a bonfire is an experience that you must enjoy at least once in your life. Ask your musician friends to carry their guitars, and you can sing along as you enjoy the night. You can also extend it into a day trip further, and go for water sport or adventure activities like river rafting, paragliding, etc.

4. Movie marathon

If you and your friends like movies (which most people do!), make a nice collection of three or four movies that all of you can watch together at a stretch. Mind you, this can extend to being a long day, so do it on a holiday when everyone is free, and for more fun, start the night before! Just don’t forget to stock up your supply of popcorn, nachos and other little snacks for everyone!

5. Play board games

Playing board games is like a revival of your childhood, where everyone has interesting stories to tell about how they used to cheat or win in games. Choose games that can engage more number of people at the same time, and you can even change or modify the rules a little bit to suit your convenience and fun. You’ll soon see the child in all your friends coming out!

6. Active game challenges

Go for activities like paintball or laser tag with your friends, where you can split into teams and enjoy a nice, long playtime. You can also be in the same team and fight against random opponents to make you feel happy!

7. Go for an event

It could be a sporting event, some premier league game, or a fashion show, or some play or musical. Events become even more interesting when you have the company of your friends, because they will never let you get bored.

8. Invent competitions and challenges

Just invent new competitions or challenges between yourselves, and execute them. It could mean something that you do over a night, such as ‘who solves the crossword puzzle the earliest’, or something that you can spread over a week, which can go alongside your normal life, such as ‘who collects the maximum subway tickets during the week’. Take inspiration from sitcoms, if you run short of ideas!

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