7 Tips on How to Prevent Crows Feet

7 tips on how to prevent crows feet

Nothing gives away your age more than those lines on your face. And crow’s feet are the most obvious ones of them all. And the bad thing is that they are the ones that come on too early. As soon as you hit your late twenties and early thirties you would be forced to look at the mirror more closely to see if the lines have started crawling all over your face. Although you cannot put them off indefinitely, you can keep them at bay for a while by following these tips. These might prevent you from getting crow’s feet.


Sunlight and excessive amounts of it on an unprotected face is a major reason that causes lines to form on the face and crow’s feet are no exception. Try to wear a lot of sunscreen before you go out and make sure that you keep reapplying it in regular intervals if you are planning on staying under the sun for a long period of time.


Even if you are applying sunscreen at all times, additional protection never hurts. Make sure you get one of those sunglasses which kind of wraps around your face; something that also covers the edges of your eyes. Compound eye sunglasses look stylish and also offer maximum protection against the sunlight.


Take it a little easy on the eyeliner. When you have something that runs, they settle on the crow’s feet and make them more visible. The more you have them on, the more you will have ridges forming under your eyes and around the edges.

4.Keep the straws off the drinks

Straws are said to cause wrinkles and lines around the mouth. They can also do the same thing around your eyes when you move them or scrunch up your face to take in the drink. So keep away from straws. It is a little bit, but little things can also help prevent crow’s eyes from forming in your face.

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