5 Great Baby Shower Game Ideas

5 Great Baby Shower Game Ideas

Your guests should truly remember what a fantastic baby shower you had thrown for your best friend, who is the mom-to-be and what fun they had attending it. But for that to happen, you need to make special arrangements and one of them includes having great baby shower games to play. Check out these five really fun and cute baby shower games.

1. Q & A Game

Put together a list of questions on the life experiences of the daddy and mummy-to-be. The questions should be fun, but not widely known to everyone. Ask your guests these questions and let them guess the answers. Give small prizes to winners.

2. Baby Quiz

Play a game where your guests have to name as many baby items as they know. The game gets funnier, if you have men to participate. You may give a pen and a sheet of paper to each guest and ask them to write all the known baby items down. Prepare a special prize and reward the winner who comes up with the maximum baby items.

3. Baby Questions

This is an educational game. Prepare some not-so-easy baby related questions. Ask your guests baby trivia questions and reward winners with prizes.

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