8 Tips to Appear Confident When You are Nervous

Tips to Appear Confident When You are Nervous

In your life, have you ever felt nervous when meeting people or found yourself in some situations which make you feel awkward? It does happen to so many of us. There are times when you may feel nervous but know that it’s a situation you can win only by appearing confident. Though you may win in a particular situation by pretending to be confident, it is worth to actually try to build up your confidence level so that you win in all situations.

Confidence stems from one’s childhood and the environment, and we can add to it as we grow. Each one of us has something positive to contribute and confidence is something one can always build upon by realizing one’s own worth. While it’s good to accept one’s mistakes and make an honest effort to reverse those or change course, you don’t have to stress on your mistakes. It’s important to understand yourself, as well as to put your best foot forward.

1. Face people with confidence

At the outset, when facing people who make you feel nervous, look them straight in the eyes and greet them with a smile.

2. Shake hands firmly

A limp handshake doesn’t speak well of a person. If you can avoid shaking hands with someone you don’t want to, do so; but if you have to shake hands, then it has to be a firm handshake.

3. Chins up!

Keep your head high. This doesn’t mean that you begin to act arrogantly, but it shows realization of your own worth.

4. Smile pleasantly

Don’t withhold your smile. A pleasant smile will show others that you have confidence and a smile can always help you win friends.

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