8 Reasons Why You Must Never Think of Committing Suicide

8 Reasons Why You Must Never Think of Committing Suicide

Life is not always a bed of roses for anyone. While at times, you feel the soft touch of petals, there are many times when you may stumble upon or worse still, feel the prick of a thorn. Those who are frustrated with living may have hundreds of reasons to end their lives. But there are many more reasons why living is really worth it. Are you or someone close to you planning to commit suicide? Then you must read ahead to know why you must never think of committing suicide.

1. You do not know what the future holds for you

Your life has changed for the worse and you seem to be feeling nothing but hopelessness. Nobody wants you and nothing appeals to you.  No one can guarantee anyone’s future. Just the way your life transformed for the worse, it could change back into something that you desired, with the help of time, efforts, patience and destiny. 

2. You may get no opportunity to repent

When you commit a mistake, you might repent for it later and try to offset problems that it may have created. You have the opportunity to repent for it. Sadly, repentance and indemnity are two impossible things when it comes to suicide. If you happen to be successful at committing suicide, you may not get a chance to repent your actions.

3. There are many people in the world to whom you matter

People who commit suicide are usually selfish and concerned about the troubles they are facing. They indulge in self-pity. They give no fleeting thought to people who care for them and to whom, they matter a lot. Suicide is an act that does not just end your life but does so for many around you.

4. You may set the wrong example for others

Battling with life’s problems and emerging successful is the way to lead life. When you commit suicide, you are not only making a major mistake  but also set a wrong example before others. In fact, by your act you may influence others to resort to such a way when they face problems, big or small.

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