7 Benefits Of Being Pregnant

7 Benefits Of Being Pregnant

The giddy feeling, the morning sickness, the swollen feet and the queasiness for days together, all seem really petty compared to the little bundle of joy that arrives after 9 months. Many women now-a-days think it is not ‘cool’ to get pregnant and spoil your figure. But believe us, they are missing out on a world of happiness and contentment. How much ever you may complain but being pregnant is a different kind of pleasure that no one in the world can ever put down in words. You may argue that the morning sickness and the big tummy is the not the best of the shape to be in. But there are certain things that you can experience only if you are pregnant. Enlisted here are some of the best things that pregnancy brings along.

1. Food Cravings

Remember those days when you would count your calories? That cup of chocolate ice cream would beckon you and all you could do was stare and put it back in the freezer. The good thing about being pregnant is eating whatever you feel like. You can satisfy your cravings without guilt because your body demands it and you need it at that time. You will see your husband drive down to the nearest super market in the middle of the night just because you wanted some beef jerky. You get to thoroughly enjoy the time your coworkers get a new dish to office everyday from cookies to brownies and more. It is advisable and important to eat healthy but never suppress your cravings. So, make sure you are stocked up during this time.

2. Pampering

Who doesn’t liked to be pampered? Normally it is only on birthdays and anniversaries that you can get yourself pampered. But imagine being pampered for a whole nine months! It is like the world suddenly becomes kind to you. Even the chauvinist at the office now holds the door or the lift for you. You become the center of attention not only at home but at your workplace too. People love to wait on you and make sure you are at your comfortable best. You will also see your partner’s behavior towards you change drastically. He will start making you breakfast and tuck you into bed and make you feel like a princess. Craving for some pickled gherkin at 2 in the morning? Don’t worry. He is always there to bring you some. Your mom has loved you all your life. But the moment she hears you are expecting, she get more excited than you are. For the next 9 months, the courier guy will make several visits to your house with goodies from your mom’s house. She might even drop in and spring a surprise on you.

3. Shopping

Even if you are not the shopaholic kinds, you will still love to shop for yourself. Don’t let the large sizes deter you. Maternity dresses are even available in designer wear now. Going shopping for maternity can be overwhelming- right from new bras to pants, you need to buy everything on the shelf. Take a cue from celebrities. Pregnancy doesn’t always mean that you need to wear oversized gowns and feel like a whale. Make sure you ask the attendant to hand out some comfortable yet chic stretch pants, t-shirts and dresses. This is one time when your partner will not mind you splurging. You can also start shopping for baby stuff during the last trimester like toys for the nursery, prams, cots, dresses and other knick knacks for the little one.

4. Sleep

If there is one thing that you are going to be deprived of after the baby arrives – it is this. Happily sleep through your weekends (or even weekdays if you feel like) and get lot of rest. You can take power naps in the middle of the day. No is going to complain if you sleep through a boring show or don’t attend a function. When the baby comes, you are surely getting a lot of exercise and no sleep. So make sure you make it up in advance for it.

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