7 Reasons Why Reading Books is Better than Having Boyfriends

7 Reasons Why Reading Books is Better than Having Boyfriends

Books are your true friends. These wise words are true! One good book can give you company when you are lonely and it can provide you with an unlimited treasure of knowledge! A good book is a wonderful partner that brings the whole world’s facts to your reading desk. Here are some reasons why reading books is better than having boyfriends.

1. Books don’t cheat or hurt you

A book will never cheat on you or hurt you. It will be the same throughout your life unlike your boyfriend who could cheat because he is a human being. You book will always accompany you with its polite and humble words no matter what!

2. Books can show you the real picture of the world

Unlike your love’s fantasy world, a book will keep you in the real world. A boyfriend might make you an imaginary queen for a few months or a few years but a book will simply keep you close to facts! It will give you wisdom and it will help you to analyze your strengths and weakness. A good book can surely help you to get rid of your flaws and to become a better person.

3. A book will never make you feel lonely

A book lover can never feel lonely. You can count on your book for entertainment any day and any hour. You can simply take it anywhere! A book’s company can keep you entertained with the world of fiction, drama, suspense and even romance. On the other hand, a boyfriend gives you his company as per his schedule. He might also leave you and go away for a few days. Unlike a boyfriend, a book will never make you feel bored or abandoned.

4. A book can provide you with a treasure of knowledge

A boyfriend can never match the kind of knowledge a book can provide! You can simply select any subject and read a related book to get educated. On the contrary, a boyfriend might talk about the same old things and the same old stuff that does nothing more than killing time.

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