Different Ways To Shape Your Nails

Different Ways To Shape Your Nails

As opposed to what you always thought, there are many different ways how you can shape and style your nails. Here are some of them. Keep reading.


This style, where nails are in the shape of almonds, is very feminine and makes the fingers appear thinner and delicate. However, if you’re looking forward to growing your nails long, then don’t opt for this style as it will not let your nails grow too much.

Mountain peak-shaped

These are nails that are shaped pointed at the top in such a way that the top part resembles the peak of a mountain. However, nails shaped in this way are definitely not feasible for day-to-day activities. So if you want to scare somebody off with your nails or just use it for basic security purpose, then this one is for grabs. Otherwise don’t dare to do it.


As the name suggests, the top of the nails are shaped in the form of a square. You can even perfect them by doing a good French manicure. They are perfect for medium and long nails. They are perfect for almost any occasion. However, the sad part is that they require high maintenance.


A gorgeous girl like you deserves to feel comfortable as much as you deserves to look glam. This is one way how you can get both. These are nails that are perfectly rounded towards the top. They are durable and simple, yet chic. They are perfect for those who use their hands a lot and don’t want their nails to get in the way. They are also perfect for those with weak nails, and for those who just like to keep it short. Add some more sparkle to your nails by giving it a lovely French manicure.

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