7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

Some people commit mistakes even before they start their career, while others fall down the pit after settling into a good job. Either way, these people don’t realize that such mistakes can ruin their career. To help you out so that you don’t make such mistakes in your professional life, we’ve listed down some of those which can ruin your career.

1. Errors in resume

This is one of those mistakes which can hamper your chances to get a good job. What employers look at is a well-written resume, without any mistakes. But if your resume has grammatical and spelling mistakes, don’t expect your resume to pass through the first screening at any organization. Also, if you include your salary expectations, have small and fancy fonts or unprofessional contact information, all these will lessen your chances of being hired.

2. Fake degrees

No employer wants to hire someone in his organization who has a fake degree. In your desperation to get a particular job, you may submit false documents and certificates. If found out through the process of screening, you will never be given the offer letter or even called for an interview. Moreover, it will also harm your reputation.

3. Social networking mistakes

Facebook can be a real dampener for your prospective or current employers. Your status and pictures should only be for your friends and not bosses. If you write negative status messages about your current boss, coworker, would other employers want to hire you? Also, don’t upload pictures of last night’s wild party at your home where you were lying on the sofa after a couple of drinks. You wouldn’t want your current/prospective employer seeing that, would you?

4. Gossiping

Gossiping in your office will lead to your reputation being harmed among your coworker. Suppose if you confide in one colleague something hurtful about another colleague and if he/she finds out what you said, imagine the consequences! Won’t you be ashamed of yourself for having gossiped about someone in your office?

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