7 Interesting Facts About Champagne You’ll Love To Know

7 Interesting Facts About Champagne You'll Love To Know

Is a celebration in your family due very soon? Are you going to open a bottle of bubbly on a special occasion? Then you’ll have a lot of fun reading interesting facts about champagne. A great way to do it would be to sip your champagne from a lovely flute glass while reading this on your screen.

1. What’s in a name?

Did you know that champagnes are basically wines? But a wine can be called champagne only if it is produced in the Champagne area of France? If a wine is produced somewhere else using the traditional French champagne method, the vineyard must credit the bottle with ‘methode champenoise’. Amusing, isn’t it?

2. Grapes

If you’re wondering which grapes are used to make champagne, it’s Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. All of them grow in France, obviously.

3. Bottle Pop

Friends, we don’t know about you but we just find this unbelievable. The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds per sq. inch. And the pressure in a car’s tire is three times lesser than that. Whoa.

4. Bubbly bath

This is seriously insane. It is said that Marilyn Monroe took a bath in 350 bottles of champagne! Not only is that expensive, it’s crazy. Although secretly, we’d love to do that ourselves!

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